Brad Pitt with Gabriel Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu on the set of Babel


Greatest performances of Bob De Niro:

Happy 71th Birthday Bob!!

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Cary Grant, James Stewart and Ingrid Bergman at Los Angeles Burbank’s Studios in 1979

On the set of Trois Couleurs: film Rouge - Trois Couleurs: film Bleu

Ingmar Bergman with Erland Josephsonn on the set of Fanny & Alexander

Alfred Hitchcock & Ingrid Bergman in 1948.

Sean Penn and Javier Bardem with director A.G. Inarritu

Spencer Tracy with Clark Gable, Frank Morgan and the director Jack Conway on the set of Boom Town(1940)

Jodie Foster & Winona Ryder at the Little Man Tate premiere(1991))

Favorite Directors:

     #01 - Stanley Kubrick

Favorite Directors:

     #02 - Paul Thomas Anderson

Favorite Directors:                       

#03 - Ingmar Bergman(14/07/1918-14/07/2014)

Favorite Directors:

    #04 - A.G. Inarritu

hey guys, watch my top 30 Best Movies ever made and tell me what you think about!!;)